Perfect fry faqs

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 Q: How can the Perfect Fry machines be used without a hood or vent system?

 A: The Perfect Fry units feature a HEPA-quality disposable air filter that removes smoke, odor and vapor and exhausts only slightly warm air. When the filter is full, just replace it.

Q: How do the Perfect Fryers work without a Type 1 hood for fire protection?

A: There is a built-in wet ansul system inside the Perfect Fryer which automatically extinguishes any fire or flare-up without any user inputs.

Q: I have very limited space in my kitchen - where can I fit  a Perfect Fryer?

A: Because the Perfect Fry units are only 17" wide, they can fit almost anywhere. But if you simply have no room at all in your kitchen, the Perfect Fryers can be used anywhere you can install a 220V (50A) outlet.  

Q: Don't I need special training to use a hot oil fryer safely?

A: Perfect Fry machines are simple and safe enough for anyone to use.  Similar in operation to a microwave, you are never directly exposed to the hot frying oil and there are no hot external surfaces. Just put the food inside the Perfect Fryer, push the preset or cook time and the food cooks automatically by itself and will stop cooking without burning your food.

Q: How does the food taste when prepared  in the Perfect Fry machines?

A: Your hot foods will taste EXACTLY like they were prepared in a commercial fryer - fresh, hot and delicious. Perfect Fryers are true hot oil fryers that cook your foods quickly and without any greasy residue. Their powerful heating elements and computer controls ensure that your cooking oil stays hot throughout the cooking process and can even extend cooking time automatically if the oil does cool slightly so every  batch comes out perfectly.