smokaroma bbq boss / instant burger faqs


Q :How does the BBQ Boss work?

A: The BBQ Boss uses pressure and your meat's natural juices to cook your bbq quickly and with outstanding results. Because your meats are cooked under pressure, the smoke penetrates deep into the meat and not just on the surface allowing for much more distinct smoke flavor and without the drying out that occurs using traditional smokers.

Q: Why is the BBQ Boss a better way to smoke?

A: Several reasons, including the delicious, fall off the bone tenderness that the BBQ Boss can provide in a fraction of the time needed for a traditional smoker. Need to smoke inside or  smoke several batches for a big event?  No problem for the BBQ Boss as most loads (like a case of ribs)  take less than an hour to cook.

Q: How do I use a smoker indoors?

A: In most cases, you can use the BBQ Boss indoors either with a Type-2 hood/vent system or by using its optional water bath smoke filter.  Either way, you'll be able to use the BBQ Boss in ANY weather, day or night.  All you need is a 220V, 30A outlet.

Q: How does the Instant Burger machine work?

A: The Instant Burger uses direct energy transfer to cook your meats from the inside.  The cooking surfaces never get hot, so there is no need for a hood or vent system since there are no vaporized grease or smoke emissions.  The Instant Burger uses this amazing technology to cook two hamburgers in just about a minute.

Q: Is the Instant Burger a grill?

A: No, as it cannot cook fried eggs, bacon or hash browns but it will do a great job with hot dogs, brats, sausages and even many veggie burgers.  Just push the button and your hot food items will be ready to serve in about a minute. No worries about burning or over-cooking either.

Q: What do I need to start using an Instant Burger?

A: The Instant Burger unit uses a special 110V, 30A electrical outlet which can be installed by any licensed electrician.  Once installed, you'll be able to start serving hot and delicious burgers and sausages to your customers right away.  It's that simple.